Brabender DualTray Feeder

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Loss-in-weight scale with vibratory mass flow feed unit

The Brabender DualTray Feeder

The Brabender DualTray Feeder is a mass flow metering feeder featuring vertical flow of the metered ingredients and utilising both natural bulk ingredient flow and gravity. The feeder is supplied fully mounted in a free-standing mounting base inclusive of load cells as a complete loss-in-weight feeder.

The operating principle is based on two or more cylindrical feed modules with integrated semicircular guide and feed trays across a part of the modules' cross sections. The feed modules are configured one above the other in opposite feed directions with the discharge edges of the feed trays overlapping. Applying vibration and thus changing the angle of repose induces ingredient flow. Following gravity, the ingredient flows downwards across the vibrating trays similar to a cascade and without segregation, while the flow rate is controlled by variable vibration. Switching the vibration off stops the ingredient flow instantaneously because the ingredient assumes its angle of repose again. Hence, the feeder is also perfectly suitable for batching.

As the Brabender DualTray Feeder has no rotating parts, it is particularly suitable for damageable bulk ingredients easily damaged or destroyed by mechanical strain. In addition, its operating principle makes the feeder suitable for bulk ingredients with grains of different sizes, particularly lumpy media, and for fibres.

The Brabender DualTray Feeder was systematically designed for easy dismantling and quick cleaning. The feed unit can be disconnected from the vibration drive simply by releasing a fixation handle. The individual feed modules and the outlet cone can then be removed for cleaning or exchange within minutes by releasing the clamping rings interconnecting them. The vibration drive remains mounted in place.

Due to its quick cleaning features and as it does not deteriorate bulk ingredients, the feeder particularly complies with demands made by the food industry and can be supplied in a suitable sanitary version.

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