BMG Lartin America Sells Vulcanizers

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BMG Conveyor Consulting, a service of BMG Latin America, Inc. has sold a series of Fonmar vulcanizers to a large copper mine, in Peru.

Tampa, Florida, September 7, 2011 - BMG Conveyor Consulting, a service of BMG Latin America announced that they have a sold a series of Fonmar vulcanizers to a copper mine in Peru. BMG was instrumental in advising the mine on the purchase to greatly reduce the number of vulcanizers and the total cost of the purchase.

Ronald D. Fernandes, President of BMG Latin America, says “The customer approached us and asked us to advise them on the type and quantities of vulcanizers to purchase. With over 40 years of experience in belt service, BMG suggested a sectional system with extra pressure bars.” With just three different platen sizes and an array of pressure bars the mine was able to build many different configurations of vulcanizers for all of their belts, from their smallest belt to their 1800mm ST5400 overland system.

Mr. Fernandes further stated that, “We looked at all the major manufacturers and found that Fonmar, from Spain, manufactured a quality, but very cost effective, vulcanizer.” The customer’s decision to choose Fonmar allowed them to purchase a quality system. The customer’s decision to follow BMG’s advice, allowed the customer to save hundreds of thousands of dollars than if they purchased separate machines for each belt. In addition, spare parts inventory and cost was also greatly reduced.

BMG Latin America and its principals have an extensive history of conveyor system components sales and service throughout the world. The consultants of BMG have been certified by most of the major conveyor component manufacturers and BMG maintains an extensive up to date library of installation specifications.

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