Drag Chain Conveyors - Cement Clinker

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Drag Chain Conveyors - Cement Clinker - Cooling After Cooler


We are looking to augement exist grate cooler with post crusherr cooler - 170 down to 100deg C at 330tph clinker

Due to plant arrangements - not easy for simply bolt on without heavy civil works mods that have to be done in the shutdown.

I am not a big fan of drag chain conveyors - but has anyone had any experience with these for cooling duty - I have water and external air available - and these would also minimise waste air needs for conventional air type coolers.

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Re: Drag Chain Conveyors - Cement Clinker

Posted on 11. Dec. 2010 - 02:02

You can use chain conveyors as cooling conveyors with water cooled bottom plates etc. However -

330 te/hr seems a high capacity

The chain conveyor should not convey "en-masse" but with movement of the cement clinker to maximise heat transfer.

With cement clinker being abrasive this will probably result in significant wear.