RHEWUM Screens Wood Dust

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RHEWUM Screens Wood Dust at Kaindl

In December 2010 RHEWUM GmbH, Germany delivered a screening machine type WA(U) 220x600/2 to the Austrian wood handling factory Kaindl.

After the successful start-up of 3 RHEWUM screening machines of the same type in a Belgian wood preparation plant in 2009, RHEWUM delivered again a screening machine into a wood recycling plant. The screening machine with direct excitation of the screen cloths classifies 6 t/h of wood waste (saw dust) at separations 1,25 and 0,20 mm.

The protection screening of the shavings at 1,25 mm on the upper deck is effected by out-of-balance-drives, for fine dust screening in the lower deck RHEWUM electromagnetic vibrating heads will be used as approved for decades. Therefore the machine has been noise completely protected in order to reduce noise emission, the more the screening machine has been designed and produced explosion-proof.

The wood 1,25 – 0,20 mm is used for production of different products such as laminate, MDF-plates, wood panelling etc. Screened saw dust < 0,2 mm is fed to a firing system in an environmental acceptable way, which is using dust thermally in order to heat the production plant.

Kaindl – originally ecological

Kaindl is using almost exclusively log wood from thinning regional woods as well as leavings of lumber mills. And this is only one of many ecologic milestones. So Kaindl won the ecologic award of the region of Salzburg 1996. It seems the beautiful natural landscape in their region makes Kaindl feel a very particular liability on environmental protection. A liability starting in the woods.

Already established as a lumber mill in 1897, the family–owned enterprise actually is one of the biggest fabricators of wood all over the world and reached with nearly 800 employees a turnover of 420 million Euros within the period of 2010. The company’s products are used in equal shares in furniture industry, in trading of panels and specialized trade, and in the do-it-yourself-market. Exportation share of the products is 94%. (Source: www.kaindl.com)

RHEWUM – partners in recycling

Separation of difficult screening material is our business. By use of high frequent high performance screening machines and their high screening accelerations we are technically capable of efficient screening of almost all secondary raw materials and to recycle them to a further material use. Test us, contact us. (RHEWUM Sales News, 08.02.2011)

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