IOM3 Invites New Members

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The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) covers materials disciplines from clay and ceramics to metals to nanotechnologies, plastics and rubber etc, plus some functional specialities such as *packaging. You can see more at the website Most, if not all, bulk handling and bulk materials industries would be relevant within IOM3.

There are 18,500 members at all levels from students to CEOs working in materials industries all over the world.

IOM3 are inviting senior people in relevant industries to join directly at Fellow level. There are substantial benefits to membership, including professional recognition, networking opportunities and so on. More details of membership benefits are here: Post nominals are FIMMM. IOM3 is a Chartered organisation and can confer Chartered Engineer, Chartered Scientist and Chartered Environmentalist accreditation (C Env is particularly interesting because there’s a fast track to it until the end of September).

There’s a web page for Fellowship: This page is the 'standard' fellowship page, but it is a little misleading because the ‘invitation’ route only requires a CV or a one-page summary to be submitted for consideration.

Although the process of application has been made easier, it would only be available to people who have worked within one of the relevant industries for a number of years and made a contribution to growth or technical development. Anyone who is interested in becoming a Fellow of IOM3 should contact David Arthur, head of Member Services, at: .


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