Ball milling- sticking of powders

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Posted in: , on 22. Jul. 2003 - 04:16

hi ,

I am doing ball milling on some powders. but the problem I am facing is that the powders are sticking to the vial walls and its very difficult to recover them.

can somebody please let me know the things which I should do to prevent the sticking of the powders to the walls of the vials.


Re: Ball Milling- Sticking Of Powders

Posted on 22. Jul. 2003 - 06:44

What kind of loading are you using.

Also media size and rotation speed are important.

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Re: Ball Milling- Sticking Of Powders

Posted on 22. Jul. 2003 - 09:23

thanx for the reply.....

I am using Zirconia vials and grinding media.......and the material is titania.

the speeds I am using are 400 rpm ( in the opposite direction )

for the planets and 200 rpm for the main disk.

can you please let me know if I am using the right parameters. and if there is any dispersion agent that will prevent the sticking and also will not contaminate the powders.



Re: Ball Milling- Sticking Of Powders

Posted on 24. Jul. 2003 - 09:58

Perhaps it might be helpful if you provided the exact details of the mill and process you are using. For example

Manufacturer and model of mill.

Volume of vial

Mass of powder

size of media

volume of media

grinding time

objective of the grinding process.

Sizing of feed and desired product.

What do you consider contamination? For example, there are various organic compounds that you could try.

How hot does your mill get? Are you taking any steps to eliminate moisture during handling?

The more information you can provide, the more likely it is that one of the forum contributors can assist you.

By the way, where are you posting from?

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