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Continuous Belt Weighers

Written by Lockwood, F. edited by mhd on 6. Oct. 2023
This paper gives a general introduction to the subject of continuous belt weighing and non-contact weighing and highlights a series of special purpose devices including the new concept of the Nuweigher continuous weigher suitable for incorporation into completely automated processing schemes.

Accurate continuous weighing of basic raw materials, whether the process be mining or cement manufacture or vegetable freezing, is an integral and vital part of many production processes. There are many reasons why continuous weighing is essential. Whatever the process, the provision of weigh data at each stage of production is a vital aid of management control. This information is most conveniently provided by belt weigher which are unmanned and operate continuously and automatically. Total weigh and feed rate are normally displayed locally and can be recorded at a remote supervisory position in any convenient visual/graphic form.

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