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World's Largest Purpose Built Cement Carriers

Written by Hakansson, G. edited by mhd on 22. Oct. 2023
The world's largest purpose built cement carriers Castillo de Javier and Castillo de Monterrey are fitted with a Carlsen pump/Weibull screw system for self unloading. The article reviews the principle of this Carlsen Pneumatic Bulk Screw System" and describes the implementation of the system in these two ultra-modern ships.

The increased use of bulk carriers for the transport of dry bulk solids has important advantages economically. One drawback of this is however, the reliance on port unloading facilities, often in remote areas. The design of custom built ships with self unloading capability is an increasingly important way of overcoming this difficulty. The article describes the implementation of such a self unloading system in the recently commissioned, world's largest cement carriers.

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