Hapman’s Tubular Drag Conveyor

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Opole, PolandHapman’s Tubular Drag Conveyor is engineered to maintain the integrity of blended product and eliminates segregation. Mixing various and different materials to create a homogenous blend is the foundation of many processes. Mixing technology allows for the precise output of the blended component; however, the end product is only valuable if the homogeneous mixture maintains its blended characteristics. Segregation of material is often the costly result of selecting the wrong conveyor technology to transport blended product. Segregation leads to inconsistent product quality resulting in higher operating costs and lower yields. The break-down of a blended mixture occurs when materials of different sizes, shapes and densities sift and separate due to vibration or agitation during conveying. Unlike other conveyor technologies, Hapman’s tubular drag chain conveyor smoothly conveys blended materials from the mixer without separation. The engineered distance between flights in the chain assembly provides optimum conveyance while mitigating material flowability, thus preventing the separation of the blended material.


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Heavy-duty chains for Hapman’s Tubular Drag Conveyor

Hapman’s tubular drag conveyor is a versatile choice for bulk solids handling, easily conveying on multiple planes and in any direction from numerous inlets and outlets. The flexible engineered design allows for infinite layout configurations to efficiently convey a variety of materials beneath floors, around doors and plant obstacles, and through walls and ceilings. A heavy-duty chain and flight design results in gentle, quiet performance with little need of service. Hapman’s tubular drag conveyor has successfully handled a diverse range of materials, from hardened steel shot to pasta. Comes with Hapman’s exclusive Performantee™, a true performance guarantee.

The chain-driven flight mechanism offers a number of benefits, including:

• Gently conveys friable and blended materials

• Dust-free operation eliminates toxic or flammable spillage, odors and airborne dust that creates hazardous work areas

• Protects material from outside contamination

• Flexibility of system layout - conveys horizontally, vertically, at any angle and around corners

• Complete discharge of material

• Starts under load

• Low operating costs

• Accommodates multiple inlets and outlets

• Large capacity up to 1 m3/minute


For more than 60 years, Hapman has provided manufacturing plants around the world with the most technologically advanced powder and bulk handling equipment and systems, offering customized solutions for chemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastics, building, minerals, and other industries.

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