Buckets for conveying Soda Ash

Posted in: , on 13. Oct. 2007 - 13:13

What is the best material of construction of buckets for bucket elevators conveying soada ash. Any one having experience in a glass plant? Soda Ash being hygroscopic & corrossive, are normal carbon steel bucktes suitable?

Lyle Brown
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Re: Buckets For Conveying Soda Ash

Erstellt am 13. Oct. 2007 - 12:35

Can you accept iron (ferrous material from mild steel) in your material?

I can only recall S/S only used for Soda ash, though it may not have been required (used as it was available etc).

Are you prepared to consider alternatives to a bucket elevator? Pneumatic conveying or vertical screw conveyor may be options.

I am assuming a fine dust product here, which sometimes causes bucket elevators to bog.

By your question (hydroscopic) you are aware if you get it wet, things will not be any fun.