Cereal Silo Explosion

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My name is Elida .

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have a cousin that live in Navarro, a very little city in Buenos Aires Province, and she has a problem.

A big Cereal Silo is under construction near her house, two blocks, more or less,

(150 m.) and all of we think that is a very little distance between her house and the silo.

By the way, do you remember Westwego, Louisiana, year 1977...but of course, this is not the only one disaster...

What do you think about this?

Which is the minima allowed distance between a cereal silo and the urban zone?

Thanks in advance.

I'm waiting for yours answers...


Re: Cereal Silo Explosion

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Your question is very likely an issue with local ordances and regulations.

There are numerous plant locations within local communities and silos are designed with explosion relief panels, etc to protect the vessel from catastrophic damage.

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Thanks A Lot For Your Answer...

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Thanks a lot for your answer.


Re: Cereal Silo Explosion

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Mi nombre es marco flores .

Independientemente de los reglamentos locales. la construccion de un sili cerca de una zona havitacional es algo que a todos preocupa.

la explosion de silos no es tan frecuente como se hace creer a la gente . pero sucede . a su hermana la convendria colocar ventanas de vidrio reforzado con alambre en las ventanas que ven hacia el silo . por lo menos para reducir la piosibilidad de que los vidrios se conviertan en projectiles en la poco probable situacion de que ocurra una explosion no ventilada .en el silo.

Y que la onda de choque llegue hasta la casa de su hermana .



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Cereal Silo Explosion

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