2007 China Int´l Cement

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The 8th China International Cement Industry Exhibition

2007 China International Cement Conference

Date: 24th – 26th April, 2007

Venue: Beijing Exhibition Center

Web-site: www.cementtech.org


China Cement Association (CCA)

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Building Materials Sub-Council (CCPIT BM)

Exhibiting Contents

• Mine Equipment: Various quarrying, excavating and dredging Machine; crushers, conveyor, truck

• Grinding Machinery: Vertical mill, high pressure grinding roll, other mills and their accessory equipment, various grinding medium, wear-resistant material, heat proof material

• Powder Classifier: Various separators, dust collectors filter materials, air transportation system

• Burning System: rotary kiln; cooler system; pre-heater, pre-calciner system; pulverized coal burning system

• Feeder and packing machine: various feeders; packaging material; packaging machine; packaging bag

• Storage and conveying mechanical system: storage, weigher; cleaning special device; various carriers, conveyor, chain etc. transport mechanism and their accessory apparatus

• Control systems: information system, central control system, automatic facility and application software

• Power Generation by waste heat facilities: waste heat boiler; set of generate electricity and relevant facility

• Products and technology of refractory material for kiln

• Metering and Testing Equipment: analyzer for raw material, laboratory analysis instrument and monitoring device, various chemical agents for analysis

• Auxiliary Accessory: dryer for raw material and fuel, mill for steel slag, waste incineration equipment, gearing device, jointing device, air compressor

• Various Cement admixtures

• Logistic System: Bulk Cement, cement silo, port and boat, bulk loader, cement tank, automatic vehicle

• Various security and safeguard products and equipment in Cement Factory

• Cement Corporation, engineering construction corporation, institution, association, media



Promoting Cement Industry Development through Energy Savings & Environmental Protection

• Overview of the world cement industry and current rate of growth

• The European experience of utilizing waste materials

• Influence of the Chinese cement industry on the world cement industry.

• Chinese cement export policy

• Utilization of waste materials for the Chinese cement industry

• Restructuring of the cement industry in the Guangdong area

• Can the rapid expansion of the Chinese cement industry be maintained?

• Opportunities for foreign capital enterprises

• Increasing competitiveness in the cement market through modernization

Delegate Fee:

Euro. 1000 per Delegate

USD 1250 per Delegate

*Delegate fees include Conference documentation, meals, souvenir and entry to The 8th CEMENTTECH Exhibition


Mr. Stone Shi

Project Manager

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Build Materials Sub-Council

China Cement Association

No.11 Sanlihe Road

Beijing 100831

P. R. China

Tel(Fax): +86 10 88377477

http: // www.cementtech.org

E-mail: cementtech@cementtech.org cementtech2006@126.com


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