The 2nd China International Filtration, Separation and Drying Equipment Exhibition

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The 2nd China International Filtration, Separation and Drying Equipment and Technology Exhibition for China 2006(IFSD)

Filtration, separation, dry equipment & technology are widely applied to the fields of national economy, such as petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, environment protection, light industry, construction materials, lumber, textile, agriculture, foodstuff, tobacco. In order to promote the wide international communication and cooperation between manufacturers and end-users, The 2nd International Filtration, Separation, Dry Equipment & Technology Exhibition for China, 2006 (IFSD) together sponsored by China General Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred as ¡°CGMA¡±) and China Chemical News will be held in Beijing Exhibition Centre of China on the successful basis of the First China International Filtration, Separation and Drying Equipment and Technology Exhibition (IFSD).

We hereby sincerely invite domestic and foreign friends from manufacturers of filtration, separation, dry equipment, engineering & trade companies and other fields to exhibit your products, make visit and hold technical presentation in the exhibition.

CGMA, comprising of the Administration Department, Plan & Market Department, Information Department, International Cooperation & Exhibition Department, Science & Technology & Standard Department in its headquarter, is the most authoritative national organization in the field of filtration and separation machinery and dry equipment, that governs eleven sub-associations in the fields of pump, fan and blower, compressor, valve, gas separation & liquefaction equipment, gas cleaning equipment, vacuum-gain & application equipment, filtration & separation machinery, drying equipment, variable speed machinery and dissolution acetylene equipment, of CGMA.

China Chemical Industry News is the authoritative news and information media in the fields of China petroleum chemical industry, pharmaceutical chemical industry, fine chemical industry, biology chemical industry, agriculture chemical industry, daily chemical industry, rubber and plastic industry, dope industry and petroleum & chemical machinery equipment. Journalist Offices for China Chemical Industry News have been set up in all districts of country, reader cover millions of industrial and commercial enterprises of above mentioned fields, circulation of China Chemical Industry News can reach 150,000 copies.

Address: Beijing Exhibition Center, China

Date: Nov. 20 ¨C 22 (AM11:00), 2006

Nov. 18 ¨C 19, 2006 Arrangement

Sponsorship :

China General Machinery Industry Association (CGMA)

- Separation Machinery Sub-Association

- Drying Equipment Sub-Association

- Variable Speed Machinery Sub-Association

China Chemical Industry News

Supporters: China Petro-Chemical Supplies & Equipment Company

China Petroleum Material and Equipment Corporation

China National Chemical Equipment Corporation

China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation

China Power Complete Equipment Co., Ltd.

Designated Media:

China Drying Network (

China Industry News

General Machinery

Supporting Media:


China Construction News

Periodicals and Magazines:

- The World For M & E Managers

- Annals of China Machinery Industry

- China General Machinery

- Annals of China General Machinery Industry

- Separation Machinery News

- Drying Machinery News

- Variable Speed Machinery News


- China General Machinery network (

- China Separation Machinery network (

Because they have the same target customers, the 2nd International Filtration, Separation and Drying Equipment and Technology Exhibition for China 2006 (IFSD) and the 3rd International General Machinery Exhibition for China (IFMC) and International Valve Exhibition for China 2006 will be held in the same place at the same time.

- A lot of famous manufacturers and exhibiters from home and abroad will exhibit their latest technology and products in the 2nd International Filtration, Separation and Drying Equipment and Technology Exhibition for China 2006 (IFSD). Almost all of the major enterprises in this field in China have expressed their intention to take part in the exhibition. Some famous foreign enterprises also expressed their wish to make a visit, exhibit their products and hold technical presentations in the exhibition.

- In order to strengthen foreign exchange and cooperation, China General Machinery Industry Association (CGMA) has established long-term exchange and cooperation relationship with the relative associations in other countries. Some of the associations have decided to send delegations to exhibit their products, make a visit and hold bilateral and multilateral exchanges on technology, economy and trade in the exhibition.

- In daily work, CGMA has established good long-term cooperative relations with main end-users in China, such as those from the industries of petro-chemistry, electrical power, metallurgy, environment protection, and urban infrastructure construction. With the assistance of those end-users, CGMA will invite many end-users and engineering & trading companies to visit the exhibition, and make trade negotiation and purchase activities.

- In daily work, CGMA has established wide publicity channels, which will widely publicize the exhibition, exchanging activities and exhibiters.

- China will finish its Tenth Five-year Plan (2001-2005), and begin the Eleventh Five-year Plan (2006-2010). During the period of Tenth Five-year Plan, China has gradually turn out to be the base of world manufacturing industry, and the biggest and most active market. The fast development of petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, environment protection, and urban infrastructure construction, and so on brings about the demanded market and the development opportunity for fluid machinery. China is still at the developing stage of heavy chemical industry. It is estimated that market demand will keep rising for filtration, separation and drying equipment.

- Beijing, the Capital of China, a political, economic and cultural centre, owns many administrative departments on all fields of national economy, large engineering & trade companies and design academies, which radiate the market in China and abroad. It also has a solid base of industries, such as Yanshan Petro-Chemical Group and Capital Steel Group which turns the city into an important market of filtration, separation and drying equipment.

- Thanks to the Olympic Games that will be held in Beijing in 2008, urban infrastructure construction, environmental protection project and facilities construction for the Olympic Games will come to the peak and a large amount of products related to machinery are required.

- Gold medals, silver medals and copper medals will be set up and rewarded for the exhibits in exhibition.

In a word, the 2nd International Filtration, Separation and Drying Equipment and Technology Exhibition For China (IFSD) held in Beijing in 2006 will give manufacturers of the relevant machinery the best platform to exhibit their products and provide end-users of the relevant machinery with a good opportunity to select excellent products.

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