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Ishwar G Mulani (Formerly head of Project Engineering Krupp - India) has authored and published an important and useful book " Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors" . The author has more than 31 years of experience for belt conveyors / modern bulk material handling plants, and is a known name at international level.

This is a valuable engineering book having exhaustive information to serve as a master handbook on the desk of designers and users of belt conveyors and bulk material handling plants. The book is made-up of 19 Chapters. It has more than 650 pages of A4 format, 358 figures, 60 tables, 59 examples, numerous mathematical derivations, and formulae for thorough understanding on the basis of fundamental engineering science. The book design approach is in line with DIN / ISO / European norms but more in depth and perception. As an example, it includes workable calculation models to decide value of 'f' in design office set-up. The book is formulated to suit application design for business needs and also academic requirements. As a side issue, it also serves as technical dictionary for non-English language countries, for global business.

The book can be purchased by communication to :

Mr. Ishwar G Mulani

C-1/ 204 Nikash Lawns, Sus Road, Pashan.

Post: Pune - 411021. India.


Telephone : 0091 (0) 20 5882916

The book present prices are:

For Developed Countries : US $ 80 + US $ 20 for box packing and air parcel postage ( 2 kg).

For Developing Countries : US $ 67 + US $ 20 for box packing and air parcel postage ( 2 kg).

The indicated postage charges can be less for neighbouring countries. The postage by courier could be more by approximately 35%.

Opinions / comments / suggestions from the book readers are welcome for future reprinting.

Communicate by email to book author, if you wish to know about contents etc.


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