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Aerial Ropeways Efficient and Economic Transport Systems

Geschrieben von Harmer, R.M. bearbeitet von mhd am 15. Okt. 2023
The technical and economic advantages of aerial ropeways over competitive transport systems are outlined. A detailed cost comparison study of the aerial ropeway with a truck system clearly shows the economic superiority of the ropeway transport system.

Although the aerial ropeway has a long history of efficiency and reliability in the transportation of bulk materials today there is a tendency for those responsible for handling decisions to consider only its competitors as systems likely to meet the requirements of modern industry.

For example a recent study of world coal resources gives an indication of the cost of conveying material by conveyor belts, trucks, barges rail and slurry pipelines. No mention Is made of the ropeway in spite of the fact that it is now probably the most economic method of transporting material over long distances.

Omissions of this kind are obviously of great concern to the International Association of Ropeway Manufacturers whose membership comprises the acknowledged world leaders in this specialised field. At the association's invitation these companies have now provided factual information giving clear evidence of the viability of the ropeway and its competitiveness against other methods of transport. This includes studies of specific projects with comprehensive comparisons covering both initial and operating costs and other related factors.

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