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Blickfeld at Powtech 2023: Digital Material Management with 3D LiDAR Volume Monitoring

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München, DeutschlandAt the PowTech 2023 trade fair in Nuremberg, Blickfeld presents an award-winning LiDAR-based solution for volume monitoring of bulk materials. This enables companies to access digital inventory information at any time and thus significantly enhances their material management efficiency.

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The solution provides 3D representations of bulk material piles. When the new Smart LiDAR Qb2 by Blickfeld is used, there is also the option to output only the volume value, significantly reducing the amount of data to be transmitted. (Copyright: Blickfeld)

Blickfeld, a manufacturer of LiDAR-based measurement technology for industrial applications, will showcase its award-winning solution for real-time bulk material inventory tracking at the leading trade fair for bulk solids processing, PowTech 2023, in Nuremberg from September 26 to 28 (Booth 1/334). This solution, which has received the Best of Technology Award 2023 presented by the German economic weekly magazine Wirtschaftswoche, empowers companies to replace their often inaccurate, labor-intensive, and costly analog measurement and estimation methods for bulk materials with a precise and easy-to-use alternative.

Real-time Overview of Bulk Material Inventories

LiDAR sensors precisely scan the surface of bulk material piles using laser beams, creating highly detailed 3D images known as point clouds. A specialized analysis software derives volume measurements from the captured data, providing reliable real-time information about material inventory. As the data is available in common digital formats, the results can be integrated into the inventory management system automatically. This ensures that staff members have an always-up-to-date overview of available stocks, establishing a reliable dataset for improved planning, execution, and monitoring of business processes, resulting in significantly enhanced efficiency."

Visit Blickfeld at POWTECH 2023, Hall 1, Stand 334

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