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Ostkirchstrasse 177
44287 Dortmund
+49 231 450 122 1
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About Helen Marshall
Since 1953 Tridelta Siperm GmbH deals with the production and processing of high porous sintered materials.

High porous sintered materials are indispensable for performing numerous industrial processes. The perfect matching of sintered material to individual process requirements makes it possible to reach new levels of performance and cost-rationalization. SIPERM has a proven track record of excellence in numerous different sectors of materials processing, especially whenever the materials need to be temperature and chemical resistant, have high stiffness, storage capacity and reverse-washable. Furthermore, SIPERM® R (AISI 316 L), SIPERM® HP (PE), SIPERM® HP antistatic and SIPERM® HP Fl-R comply to the regulations for the handling of food stuffs.

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