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SPECTROFLEX V – A Volumetric Dosing Unit with flexible Exchange System

Edited by mhd on 27. Dec. 2017
Whether powder, pellets, regrind, granulate, flakes or fibers – the SPECTROFLEX V by motan is the volumetric dosing unit for continuous processes, designed for many different applications. Should material colour, flow properties or grain size change, than motan´s unique exchange system offers a simple way to swap materials without the need of tools in under a minute.
SPECTROFLEX V – motan’s volumetric screw dosing unit with flexible PU dosing hopper (Image: motan)
SPECTROFLEX V – motan’s volumetric screw dosing unit with flexible PU dosing hopper (Image: motan)

The single- and double-screw exchange modules as well as the easy-to-clean supply hopper allow for fast and easy material changes and so reduces production downtime. A further advantage: the material loader mounted on the cover of the supply hopper does not have to be removed during the material change. Resulting in higher efficiency and shorter downtimes in your production.

Thanks to the function of the massage-rollers, even non-free flowing and fragile materials are no longer a problem. Powered by an independent motor and designed for 48 different settings, SPECTROFLEX V offers high dosing accuracy for a wide range of materials - even for small dosing quantities. The special design of the oscillating elliptical rollers also extends the service life of the polyurethane dosing hoppers.

The SPECTROFLEX V is equipped with an intuitive touch screen for trouble-free and simple control. The integration into an existing motan CONTROLnet network is possible via an Ethernet interface – as an option the conveying control can also be integrated.

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