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Custom-made Recycling Plants – New Company Helps Customers to “Waste Nothing”

Edited by mhd on 4. Jun. 2020
Dungannon, United KingdomA newly found company in the UK establishes itself in the fast growing market for Material Recycling Facilities (MRF). Besides the design they also offer delivery and installation of their systems.


Bluemac erected a bespoke MRF for Shorts Group in Ascot. (Pictures: ©Bluemac Manufacturing)

BlueMAC is a new company with a proven pedigree, capable of providing ideal MRF systems and equipment solutions for the recycling and waste management industry from concept, to delivery and installation. The new firm is the result of a coming together of like-minded industry professionals from within Blue Group and Dmac Engineering. They have created what is certain to become a key player in the production of bespoke recycling plants.The increasing move towards bespoke MRF systems allows the recycling professional to handle even more varied in-coming waste streams and produce highly specified end-product recyclables. The ability to fit new multi-tasking recycling plants into existing yards, often with site and dimensional restrictions, also contributes to the popularity of the tailor-made solution. Through long-standing relationships with specialist market-leaders, Blue­mac can also incorporate the best shredding and air-classifying equipment into their MRF designs, including volume reduction and sized RDF/SRF production.


The company’s impressive components list includes feeders, conveyors, trommels, picking stations, flip flow screens, ballistic separators and ferrous/non-ferrous removal systems - all of robust design and manufacture for a long and productive working life. These components, combined with compatible Doppstadt shredders and GK air classifiers, form the basis for virtually any reclamation task, providing Bluemac with the ability to turnkey recycling plant and equipment solutions economically, effectively and efficiently.One well-established recycling company has already taken delivery of a bespoke MRF at its Ascot facility. Shorts Group undertook detailed examinations of what was available on the market and opted for the Bluemac system for its new MRF. Managing Director Gary Short said “I visited the BlueMAC manufacturing facility to see some of the new plant during construction. I was thoroughly impressed by the level of design and new ideas. During the visit, my operators and managers had the opportunity to further discuss the design and possible implementation of better access points for maintenance and servicing. I am confident that their technical knowledge, first class machinery and excellent customer support will benefit Shorts Recycling and our customers.” 

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