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NTPC awards GE Steam Power USD 335 million in Contracts to supply and install three Wet FGD Systems

Edited by mhd on 4. Jul. 2019
On July 01, 2019, GE Steam Power announced that it has been awarded three contracts from NTPC Limited to supply and install Wet FGD systems for a combined value of INR 2311 crores (USD 335 million). GE’s scope includes design, engineering, civil work, supply, erection and commissioning of Wet FGD systems along with auxiliaries including limestone and gypsum handling systems and wet stack on full turnkey basis.

In addition, GE’s scope for IGSTPP Jhajjar (3x500 MW) also includes ten years of operation & maintenance including the supply of spare parts.The three power plant projects are:

  • IGSTPP Jhajjar (3x500 MW) by Aravali Power Company Private Limited (APCPL)
  • Simhadri Super Thermal Power Station Stage I (2x500MW) & Stage II (2x500 MW) by NTPC Limited
  • Sipat Super Thermal Power Station by Stage I (3x660 MW) by NTPC Limited

Prashant Jain, Managing Director of GE Power India Limited, said “SO2 emissions reduction systems will play an instrumental role in transforming power plants and helping to reduce their environmental impact. NTPC is leading the industry in the adoption of emission-control equipment to comply with the new emission standards which is an encouraging sign. GE is proud to be associated in steps taken to curb emission level in the country”,With these three Wet FGD projects together, GE will help NTPC to treat 35 million cubic meters per hour of flue gas and will remove up to 108,400 tons per year of SO2 which will be converted into gypsum by-product for use in the construction industry.These new contracts are in addition to the Wet FGD projects which were awarded earlier to GE: Telangana STPP 2x800 MW, Solapur, Meja, Tanda – each of 2x660 MW and Unchahar – 1x500 MW. In addition to this, GE has already executed WFGD for 1x500 MW Vindhyachal TPP.Today’s milestone further strengthens GE’s position in the FGD market, with a worldwide installed base of 167 GW, 15.28 GW of which is in India including projects in execution, with a removal rate up to 99% of SO2.

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