Weighing for container liners

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Geoty Ltd. produces container liners which enable regular shipping containers to be filled with powders, grains and granules. Our liners are used for a wide variety of products from the food, chemical, fertilizer etc. industries with various density, flowability etc.

We have many potential clients who want to begin shipping in container liners rather than old fashioned FIBCs on pallets but they cannot ship in bulk because they have no means of weighing the goods as they are loaded into the liner.

We are looking for an INEXPENSIVE weighing method whereby the goods are poured into a hopper where they are weighed (and a running total is kept) and then loaded into the container liner either by blower or conveyor belt. Some clients will feed the hopper from a silo, others by bulldozer etc. so the hopper would need to hold around 4 ton (approx 4m3). The price is critical but the system only needs to be very simple.

I would appreciate hearing from any companies that could supply us with this system.

(Mrs) Danielle Dyskin


Ms. Caroline Behrman Export Manager


Posted on 9. Feb. 2005 - 09:37

We are into weighing system having wide range of applications like dosing, drum filling, batching, checkweighing etc. We can provide you with the required system or provide consultancy for your requirement.

Nitin Jain

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Re: Weighing For Container Liners

Posted on 9. Feb. 2005 - 10:32

Dear Mrs Danielle Dyskin

we have an agent in Israel that can give you all the information you need.

Please contact mr. Eli Mizrahi

Euteos Ltd.

Tel: 972-3-9080706

Fax: 972-3-9080705


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Alberto Goldoni

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