Pneumatic Conveyor For Sale

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(1) year old Pneu-Con Vacuum/pressure Conveying system. Will handle; Powder/Granular/Pellet. Was used to load/unload plastic pellets from railcars.

Comprised of

(2) positive displacement blowers (one vacuum, one pressure)

Belt drive assembly

18" Rotary Airlock

24" diameter vacuum receiver

Rate: 50,000lbs./hr.

FOB: El Monte, CA

Re: Pneumatic Conveyor For Sale

Posted on 30. Aug. 2007 - 09:57

We are in the business of Pneumatic Conveyors, Air Pollution Control Equipment , Vacuum Transfer units etc.and use our contacts to sell your equipment.Please send further details like specifications, list of components, budgeted price offer to our mailing address and by E-mail as under;

Cleanair Equipment and Systems

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Santacruz-East,Mumbai-400 055.


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Dipak Mehta

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Pneumatic Conveyor

Posted on 13. Dec. 2007 - 11:37

Dear Sir,

Please email complete detailed offer.

We are looking for used/rebuild PNEUMATIC CONVEYING System.

System to handle granulated material for the plastic industry,capacity of 1200kgs per hour to distance of 30 meters.

We prefer system that are in production and can be tested.

Please reply with detailed offer including specification,pictures or Video,location and best price.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Ed Benami

Sourcing services

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Ashdod,Israel 77711