Rip Detection Downtime / Cost

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Hi all,

I am looking for some resources for the following issue. There are plenty of technologies available for rip detection. My question then

1) Is there information available online or in technical papers concerning the severity,downtime and cost of steel cord conveyor belts when a rip is detected? Assuming the longitudinal rip is 15cm long and might or might not use sensor loop technology.

Some technical papers ballpark values for matter concerning rip detection. For example it can cost up 250 euros/ sq m to install sensor loops in a conveyor belt but most of these are guesstimates.

Your input is highly valued. Thank you in advance.


Lyle Brown
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Re: Rip Detection Downtime / Cost

Posted on 17. Aug. 2011 - 03:55

You may find some general information on downtime for various industries, though maybe you can find out specifics for your application?

Regarding costs, maybe a quotation from the OEM?