Oscillation of overhung load of a right angled drive for stacker boom conveyor

Posted in: , on 2. Dec. 2023 - 19:14

Motor rating -90 KW

MOTOR GB base supported on a torque arm at motor end

GB and pulley shaft are connected through Rigid interference fit coupling halves.

The drive base is wobbling at a higher rate..Alignment is ok.there is no base deformation..Do any one have experienced such issues?


pls reply

Perhaps is due to runout on…

Posted on 9. Dec. 2023 - 07:31

Perhaps is due to runout on low speed coupling, including fit etc.

I have observed ~ 20 mm movement at the torque arm, if not constrained.

Options to confirm may include:

1. Evaluate the movement's period etc, and compare to low speed angular speed, and/or

2. Rotate by hand, and inspect for movement.


If confirmed, the following may be options to control:

1. Evaluate to retained as is, if practicable e.g. additional loads etc are acceptable, or,

2. New/refit couplings etc, and/or rotate coupling halves to minimise runout etc.