How the temperature affects the behavior of a belt?

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Dear all:

I am pretty interested about the behavior of the belts. I have some books about this topic but I think, the experience is very important to say something about that. I know that the tension and the temperature can expand a belt. But how much?.

Are there any approximation?

Thanks in advance.

Hot Belts

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Hi Andre's,

Conveyor belts are like the suspenders on grandpa's pants. I once heard a story about a bicycle rider who's suspenders caught on the rearview mirror of a car. The faster the car went, the faster the bike rider, until finally the car stopped at a traffic light, and the bike kept going.

Temperature on conveyor belts in much like that. The major temperature effect on a belt is melt down. With synthetic rubbers this does not have to be too high. Any thing above 120 deg.C can get you into trouble. Rubber burns like crazy - just try it with weld spatter.

Of course it depends on the core material of the belt, and the method of construction of the casing.

It's a can of worms from hades, mate.

Keep learning - Sgt John.rz

Re: How The Temperature Affects The Behavior Of A Belt?

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Dear Mr. Andre,

The belt is primarily made-up of carcass and covers of rubber. The carcass is again made-up of material like cotton, polyester, polyamide, steel, viscose, etc. All these materials are extensively used in belts and other items. These materials have been extensively tested for effect by temperature, moisture, chemicals, etc. The effect of the aforesaid external environment can be known by referring the literature on the material of composition of the belt. For example, the belt literature by some reputed manufacturers from Germany mention the effect on the constituent materials and thereby the belt.


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Re: How The Temperature Affects The Behavior Of A Belt?

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Wow, that's really a good information. Thanks for sharing with us,,,,