Gearflex Couplings

Bernard S. Jansen
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Posted in: , on 14. May. 2006 - 15:05

I haven't found anything in these forums about gearflex couplings. I am interested in hearing what everyone has to say about them. For example:

* how do they work

* why / when would you use them

* what are their advantages?

* what are their disadvantges / compromises?

* what are their typical failure modes?

* maintenance issues?

Re: Gearflex Couplings

Posted on 14. May. 2006 - 07:20

Dear Mr. Bernard,

You have mentioned about some information on gearflex coupling. Are you referring to geared coupling, which also have flexibility to accept certain magnitude of misalignment, radial, angular, axial. Coupling manufacturers often give specialised name to their product, so it is difficult to judge from the term gearflex coupling. Please clarify.


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Bernard S. Jansen
(not verified)

Re: Gearflex Couplings

Posted on 14. May. 2006 - 10:35

Just to clarify: I'm interested in this type of coupling, not a specific make or model.

Re: Gearflex Couplings

Posted on 14. May. 2006 - 11:32

My assumption was you were interested in gear couplings knowing that 'Gearflex' was a specific manufacturers range. Mr Mulani was unclear on what you meant, but your response to my post shows that your interest is in gear couplings.

If you are interested in comparing gear couplings with other types of flexible couplings then it is important to compare manufacturers data on individual products as you may find that allowable misalignment data varies from manufacturer to manufacturer even within the same style of coupling.

For example, many years ago I selected gear couplings for use on some bucket elevator drives as they gave the maximum degree of misalignment of the couplings I could choose from. Recently I was asked for an opinion on failure problems with gear couplings (from a different manufacturer) used on belt conveyors. I was suprised to find the allowable misalignment was significantly less than with the units I used on the bucket elevators.