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I am having 262 m long and 12 degree 2000 tph inclined belt conveyor

We used dual drive system with 2X200 and 1X200 kw motors . Head and Tail pulley are non driven. Their wrap angle are 200 and 180 respectivelly.

Sometimes I am confused and I need someone to confirm my decisions about the charge conveyor works with dual drive. I have no experience in this subject. I have calculated and designed all things according to CEMA.

Can some body guide me about the confirmations.

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Re: Dual Drive

Posted on 24. May. 2007 - 12:37

Could you please clarify what you are requesting assistance with?

The question is not clear, to me at least.

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Re: Dual Drive

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You need to supply more information for anyone to give you any kind of an answer.

I also do not find your info clear - do you have 2x200 and 1 x 200 kw motors or 2 x 200 total motors. Please clarify.

What is the belt width?

What product are you conveying?

Is the 12 degree incline continuous or does the lift vary in degrees?

Need to know total lift from tail to head - if it varies?

What type of take-up will be on the system?

The more info you can provide the better the answer you will get.

Are you only interested in knowing that you have selected the correct KW?

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Re: Dual Drive

Posted on 30. May. 2007 - 05:07

Hello Memen

At 12 degrees, your conveyors lift is about 56m, and at 2000t/h you can drive it with 3 x 185kW or 2 x 260kW or 1 x 500kW

You have selected 3 x 200kW which is fine (if not a little bit much for the electrical power factor.)

Put 1 x 200kW on the low tension secondary drive pulley with 200+ degrees wrap

Put 2 x 200kW on the high tension secondary drive pulley with +-180 degrees wrap.

The secondary drive provides the high belt tension on the primary drive thereby enabling the primary to transmit far more power than the secondary

Control the slack side tension to around 25kN to prevent secondary drive slip

Make sure that no one drive transmits any more than 20% more than either of the others


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