DIN 22101 , DIN 22107 , ISO 5048

Posted in: , on 3. Dec. 2003 - 16:11


I am a student at the National Technical University of Athens and I am working on a project about belt conveyors.

I was wondering if there is a way to download the standards concerning belt conveyors (unofficially).

As I have found out these are the DIN 22101, DIN 22107 as well as the ISO 5048.

Thank you very much

Ilias Gounaridis National Technical University of Athens

Re: Din 22101 , Din 22107 , Iso 5048

Posted on 17. Dec. 2003 - 05:42

If you are a student you shoukd be able to register with "Atens" (spelt Athams.co.uk - I think), when registered (for free) it gives you access to databases such as BSi, there you can download a wide selection of standards in *.pdf format.

Hope this Helps,