Re: Chevron Belt Cleaner

Posted on 11. Mar. 2005 - 01:53

I have found a brush cleaner works Fairly well in this situation. The key word is "fairly". With the chevrons on the belt you can expect some carry back to still pass the brush cleaner. Martin Engineering makes a brush cleaner thst will perform well in this situation.

Larry J. Goldbeck Martin Engineering

Re: Chevron Belt Cleaner

Posted on 14. Mar. 2005 - 02:36

Hello Mr. Jones,

We have a Chevron Belt Cleaner that has been very successful in your application. The brush cleaner always gets clogged and the bristles are usually soft and they don't work well. Our finger type scraper has proven successful for Chevron belts.

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Cleaning A Chevron Belt

Posted on 14. Mar. 2005 - 10:24

Given the material you are carrying should be reasonably easy to dislodge I would recommend you used an air knife type cleaner. Any contact cleaner will abrade away the cleats or worse will damage them if it is effective in cleaning the belt. An air knife correctly set up is the answer.

Col Benjamin

Matt Croker
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Re: Chevron Belt Cleaner

Posted on 15. Mar. 2005 - 12:25

How about a shaker roller? This would work best if the belt speed was reasonably fast, say >3m/s.

Re: Chevron Belt Cleaner

Posted on 16. Mar. 2005 - 10:22

I'm somewhat surprised that you are having a problem with bark and branches.

Possible cleaners are brush type, finger type (Rema - presumably Sterling's is similar), air knife, and a belt beater. The brush and finger cleaners work well if properly installed and maintained. Air knives work well. but are expensive to operate. Belt beaters, as used with corrugated sidewall belts, work well with materials that do not stick to the belt.


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Chevron Belt Cleaner

Posted on 17. Mar. 2005 - 04:38

Your problems in trying to clean a chevron belt is our best argument for our sandwich belt high-angle conveyors which use smooth surfaced belts that can be continuously scraped clean.

Please visit our web site to learn more about DSI Snakes.

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Cleaning A Cheveron Belt

Posted on 17. Mar. 2005 - 03:42

The Sterling cheveron belt cleaner , unlike the rema type which uses rubber finger uses urethane fingers with a specific profile which flex around the cleats. the constant vibration caused by the fingers rising over the cleats both scrapes and vibrates to give you the maximum clean. Brushes can work well but are high maintenance, the secret to a Brush that works is a combination of various bristle materials and diameter. The different flex caused by the various materials and bristle diameter enable the fingers to clean themselves and minimize clogging. Bristle diameter and material are determined by product conveyed.

J.S. Martins

Re: Chevron Belt Cleaner

Posted on 20. Mar. 2005 - 02:42

Dear Mr R Jones,

You may think of installing an oblong roller (elliptical shape roller with say difference in length at minor axis and major axis by say 10 to 12 mm). This roller should be marginally pressed in to general path of the belt so that roller is always in contact by minor axis as well as major axis. This will create flapping vibration to the belt of amplitude as decided by the roller, and frequency as per the rpm of roller in conjunction with belt speed. This can be installed immediately after head pulley. It may dislodge most of the sticking material. Subsequent to this you can install belt cleaners suggested by earlier respondents. The advantage of the roller is that it is a very long wear life compared to others. The rollers should be comparatively big in diameter (small pulley) so that it does not create unwarranted strain in the belt.


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Re: Chevron Belt Cleaner

Posted on 21. Mar. 2005 - 07:40


For such belt applications rotary brush works well in case of material is not sticky

For sticky material no cleaner works . Best option is self driven beetle as in case of side wall conveyors cam roller as described by Mr mulani.


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Cleaning A Chevron Belt

Posted on 21. Mar. 2005 - 01:54

You will find a suitable solution to cleaning a Chevron Belt on our website

Universal polyurethane attachments, which fit a standard, return roller to make the roller vibrate. The vibrating roller is then ideally installed over an accessible clean up location. Where adhering carryback can be deposited. Ideally suited to cleated or chevron belts.

Cheers, Neil Kinder