Carcass Thickness in Fabric Belts ( EP and NN )

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Dear experts,

How the Carcass thickness is decided in fabric belts ( EP and NN ) ? Is there any calculation between the ratings of the belts ( or thumb rules ) and the carcass thickness to easily remember ? I am more interested in EP belts.

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Re: Carcass Thickness In Fabric Belts ( Ep And Nn )

Posted on 3. May. 2013 - 05:50

That information is readily available from the belt manufacturer. You should contact them and that information is easily found online on their web sites.

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Re: Carcass Thickness In Fabric Belts ( Ep And Nn )

Posted on 3. May. 2013 - 03:56

Thank you Mr.Gary Blenkhorn,

These carcass thickness values differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

As the carcass thickness directly relates to the vulcanizing strength and the cost of the belt, searching for any standard or basic guide line.

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Posted on 5. May. 2013 - 10:31

Hello S. Ganesh,

Carcass thickness is comprising of plies thickness and inter-ply rubber layer thickness.

It is apparent that stronger ply will have more thickness. If you are keen to know about ply thickness then you have to refer to belt manufacturer or original source ply manufacturers, provided they share such internal information (which I doubt as one does not share all information about intricacies of his product and business).

For regular multi-ply belts, inter-ply rubber thicknesses are often available in about 3 steps, as standard product, to suit the application, which the consumer buys. Manufacturer has to keep variants to suit market needs and buyer’s budget. Refer belt manufacturer for formal information.


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Re: Carcass Thickness In Fabric Belts ( Ep And Nn )

Posted on 5. May. 2013 - 02:50

Thank you Mr.Ishwar G. Mulani.

Let us consider EP ( Elastomer Polyamide or Polyester-Nylon ) fabric belts of rating 800/4. So each ply rating is 200 N/mm.

So each ply of 200 N/mm, would the ply thickness be different from manufacturer to manufacturer ?

If yes, as you said, the carcass thickness would vary among the manufacturers. But again, if this answer is YES, the reason would be required.

If the answer is NO, the carcass thickness should be same for all the manufacturers, if the bonding layer between the plies used are same.

The belt manufacturers are sharing the carcass thickness details in their brochures or in their websites.

If this is a very sensitive information for them, I do not think that they would have shared this information.

I am wondering if there is any standardization is available for this carcass thickness which is important for belt strength and the belt's price.

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