Re: Belt Slinger Belt

Posted on 23. Apr. 2002 - 03:46

Hi Col

Fax me the details and we will have a look at it for you.

We are Belt Company based in Mackay and service the Coal Industry in and around the Bowen Basin.


Austbelt Pty Ltd

Ph 07 49527200

Fax 07 49527222

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Re: Belt Slinger Belt

Posted on 11. Jun. 2010 - 12:42

Dear Sir,

We are a Manufacturer of Conveyor Belts in India. We can supply with slinger belts for loading into barges/ container ships.

Kindly help me with the details so that we can look forward with an healthy business relationship.


Akshay Laliwala

Slinger Belts

Posted on 26. Jun. 2010 - 04:45

On this thread it's not usual to make too much publicity.

But in this case I recommend to ask us because we are one of the biggest manufacturers of slinger belts:

- spliceless endless with textile carcasse with steel cord (i.e. for ship loaders)

- cover with white rubber FDA or black rubber extra abrasion resistant (50 mm3) or heat resistant or oil resistant tec.

- hot vulcanized under pre-tension on size

Edgar Jakob


schleuderanlage sand 72 dpi

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schleuderanlage sand 72 dpi



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Re: Belt Slinger Belt

Posted on 26. Jun. 2010 - 08:12


You missed one point - this thread is 8 years old.

I highly doubt they are still looking.

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