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pusher centrifuge have a reciprocating movement, hydraulic or mechanic. we would like to use a mechanical drive instead of existance hydraulic drive in a 630mm basket diameter.

which parameters we should consider in this change?

when mechanical drive is more simple than hydraulic system, why they use hydraulic drive?


Kmpt Ag Pusher Centrifuge

Posted on 5. Oct. 2007 - 09:34

Dear Sir,

I am searching for a pusher centrifuge with basket diameter 630(the biggest size of four basket) with mechanical drive not hydraulic one and I have found your company in this site.

as I have checked your catalogue you have written that this size should be hydrauliclly.

would you please answer my question why we can not use this size of pusher with mechanical drive?

thanks in advance

Re: Pusher

Posted on 22. Dec. 2008 - 04:59

I would assume, hydraulic is used to force things down at a faster rate.

For our Centrifugals, (centrifuge,) we used mechanical mechanisms to plow down our sugar and controlled these mechanics by large motors and air pressure.

The air controlled the arms to plow it down, and things of that nature.

- Irvine A. Eatmon,

Sugar Boiler / Control Room Operator