Fabrication Procedure Silo

Posted in: , on 9. Aug. 2007 - 19:25

Hi everybody

I want to know the specifications of the fabrication process for welded silo.

What codes I must follow.

Material specifications.

Manufacturing specifications.

What should I set in my drawings?


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Re: Fabrication Procedure Silo

Posted on 12. Aug. 2007 - 01:24

As sson as you mention Codes you've covered the other 3 issues. There is a DIN code which has been well ironed out over the years after some earlier shortcomings. It's numbered down in the 4 figure listing, 1024 or thereabouts. There's an ISO version hopping about as well as a few API Storage Tank Codes thrown in; for good measure...

If you quote the applicable Code on your drawings it is always a good idea to make sure the details match up. Its amusing to see how many don't.

You will also have you satisfy the local regulations concerning seismic activity & fire/explosion prevention techniques.

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