Bin outlet valve

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I would like to design a valve for outlet product of the bin. The bin will be situated under a cyclone of a dust collection system. dust will be collected in the bin and the truck will be stayed under the bin once a day to empty the bin. we should use a hand operated valve under the bin which we can open and close it easily for emptying the bin.

what are the most useful valves for this situation?



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Re: Bin Outlet Valve

Posted on 9. Aug. 2007 - 02:40

You don't say what the material in the bin is, whether it is abrasive at temperature, etc. so something more special may be necessary but a slide or butterfly valve would be typical on this duty.

Valve Type

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I have seen an sketch for this application as attached file which called it "slide gate valve". I am not sure if it is true to call it with this name nevertheless I have searched for this type so much but I haven't seen any similar types. would you please guide me:

1- this type is good for this usage?

2- references can help me for design it?



slide gate valve

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slide gate valve (PDF)

Re: Bin Outlet Valve

Posted on 12. Aug. 2007 - 03:00

I would have called that a hand operated radial gate myself.

Re: Bin Outlet Valve

Posted on 12. Aug. 2007 - 04:06

Seen radial gates before, designed radial gates before, not quite like this one though.

What's the problem, you've got an elevation that's a good starting point. As a designer you can draw one up and see how it works. If you want me to draw one for you I'll send my consultancy rates.

Valve Type

Posted on 13. Aug. 2007 - 06:37

first of all, I would like to find the best solution for this problem. so what is your idea is it the general solution for emptying the bin?

or there are other solutions which are better?




Re: Bin Outlet Valve

Posted on 14. Aug. 2007 - 04:57

1) I assume you have an airlock between the cyclone & storage bin. If not, you are headed for trouble as the valve you show is not airtight.

2) If you have a large bin with a small opening at the bottom nothing may come out regardless of which valve is used. Or if the materal fluidizes, material may come out faster than you think and bury the truck. I have seen both situations happen.

3) If the bin is large, consider using a screw feeder in the bottom then use a clamshell valve as shown under the screw discharge.

Re: Bin Outlet Valve

Posted on 18. Aug. 2007 - 01:46

1) YES, there is an airlock between cyclone and the bin.

2) No, the bin is not so large:diameter=1900 and total height=2400(included cylindrical and hopper part)

As I have searched in internet we can call it clamshell, thanks for your help. do you know any sources can help me for designing it for size 300,400 and 500mm?

we will use this valve in iron ore reduction plant so what is your suggestion for the material of the frame and flap of the valve?

but still I search for the best solution for valve under such small bin which there isn't any other equipment after the valve, do you have any suggestion or references?

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Re: Bin Outlet Valve

Posted on 18. Aug. 2007 - 03:32

There are manufacturers that sell this and other types of valve, and select the materials of construction according to the application.

Thing is, is it in their long term interests to supply you with design data for no charge so you can manufacture independently?

I think not!

Share Your Experience

Posted on 18. Aug. 2007 - 04:00

I have asked a company for qoutation but they propose me simple slide valve.

I have thought that here I can ask others if they had any experience using these valves or other types for this application.

I am sure who apply an equipment have more benefit information than suppliers. In these forums I search for these experience.

I myself work as a designer and I know that the knowledge of designers are not free! but I have learn so much in these forums that I will continue using them whether I receive ansewr or not.

Many thanks from all users of this site


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