Repairing a Hewitt-Robins Screen

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Hi folks,

I'm new here too, so please take me as a complete amateur as to screen technology.

I'm working with a foundry that has a Hewitt-Robins single deck style LPE-11 170 x 42 (inch) configured as a 'shake-out' unit.

This machine uses the H/R 'Eliptex' vibrator type VL-11.

Here's a link that's a good representation of the mechanism:

This machine suffered a failed bearing on one shaft at the 'gear-side', which caused one shaft to 'crash' into the bearing housing. The outer housing, which basically holds oil and shields the gearing, has many pieces broken out.

We've contacted Metso Minerals, the U.S. owner of Hewitt Robins, and have been told a new housing will not be available until mid-September. The part number they gave us was M25162A.

I'm looking for suggestions as to how I can affect a quicker repair on this machine. It's been very reliable for these folks a number of years, and they'd like to keep it but can't handle that much down-time.

Any and all help is much appreciated.



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Posted on 15. Apr. 2007 - 05:51

If you have enough of the pieces to be able to reconstruct how it looked before the failure, take them to a good machine shop which has some design capability. They should be able to reproduce the parts and put it back together for you.

I am not encouraging anyone to copy a manufacturer's design, but I am speaking from 30 years of experience, working in far flung locations where you have to do things like this to get back into production. You probably want to order the original part anyway just in case you don't get the reproduction quite right.

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The mechanism seems to be symetrical - if that is the case you can have it done in any good fabrication/machining shop within a week.

Ziggy Gregory

Hr Replacement Parts

Posted on 25. Apr. 2007 - 07:24

these guys can fix no very experienced H-R manufacturers.

can do this specific drive assembly exactly correctly to spec.

They may have the exact spec from serial number on file.

When you lost the bearings on sounds like you threw the bearing damaged parts into and thru the gearset. The gearset is very hard metal and typically will not instead it typically SPRINGS THE 2 shafts as it tries to pass debris thru its teeth.

New straight shafts to proper tolerance may be needed, new bearings, off shelf, SKF, TORRINGTON, etc.

I do agree....that a good fabrication shop should be easily able to competently do this job off your old parts .....really no problem.

The key is to get the proper inner race fit or tolerance to shaft race position and the proper outer race fit to the bearing housing.......typically plus minus 1 thous. Metso really should be able to give you the bearing to shaft and bearing to housing fits on that exact drive no probem.....especially if they can not help you til SEPTEMBER. that is the least they could do.

HEWIT ROBBINS USA or CANADA....thru link above can help also.

let me know if you need more....We shall get you help!

Best Regards, George Baker Regional Sales Manager - Canada TELSMITH Inc Mequon, WI 1-519-242-6664 Cell E: (work) [email][/email] E: (home) [email][/email] website: [url][/url] Manufacturer of portable, modular and stationary mineral processing equipment for the aggregate and mining industries.

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