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Posted on 22. Oct. 2007 - 10:52

G is the ratio of maximum angular screen acceleration to gravitational acceleration (refer any mechanical engineering handbook) - and is useful to gauge the speed - throw relationship, and the amount of stress placed on the mechanical and structural components.

The formula can also be expressed as:

G = throw (mm) x (pi x rpm/30)^2 / 9807 x 2

John McKenzie

Re: G-Factor Reference

Posted on 24. Oct. 2007 - 07:33


John's formula is correct - if you do not want to recalculate G force everytime I can forward a graph to you - relationship between stroke, acceleration and rpm.


Ziggy Gregory

Ziggy Gregory
Lyle Brown
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Re: G-Factor Reference

Posted on 24. Oct. 2007 - 10:22

Suspect the origin is Simple Harmonic Motion, have a look at the following:




sin(wt) varies between -1 to 1.

Hence y" (max) =(+/-) Aw^2

y'' = acceleration (double derivative of displacement / time)



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Posted on 26. Oct. 2007 - 01:45

Thanks very much, all

i will try to devour the information you have sent through.

Kindest regards

G Force Cheat Sheet

Posted on 23. Dec. 2007 - 08:11

I used to use this when travelling around checking G FORCE or speed stroke on vibrating screens in the field. Enjoy...

George Baker MODERATOR


g force chart 2 (PDF)

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Posted on 8. Feb. 2008 - 11:34

Dear Mr. John,

Iwill be greatfull if you elaborate on the following.

1. What is pi in the formula.

2. Little details of angular acceleration & gravitational acceleration.

3. RPM of what?



Re: G-Factor Reference

Posted on 8. Feb. 2008 - 03:49


pi = 3.14

angular acceleration = (2pi x rpm/60)

rpm of the running screen



Ziggy Gregory

Re: G-Factor Reference

Posted on 8. Feb. 2008 - 04:23

Dear Ziggy, Banerjee

Angular acceleration is by definition: d(omega)/dt

omega = angular rotation speed in radians/second

angular rotation speed = 2*pi * rpm/60 in radians/sec

in which:

pi = 3.141593

angular acceleration is the change in rotation speed/time