Carrier Vibrating Feeders

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Carrier Vibrating Equipment

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Vibrating Feeders

Carrier vibrating feeders provide the most efficient and economical method of conveying bulk materials, with the easiest means of controlling feed rate.

• Tuned, two-mass, natural frequency and direct-drive designs available in widths from 12 inches to 10 feet and lengths up to 25 feet.

• High temperature designs available for handling materials up to 2000 deg. F.

• Choice of construction from carbon steel to metal alloys.

• Polished trough and special coatings available for sticky products.

• Two-directional conveying design available.

• Options include scalping or screening decks, removable dust-tight covers, overhead drive arrangement, abrasion resistant liners, explosion-proof designs, etc.

• Carrier single mass Twin Drive Vibrating Feeders provide linear motion for increased conveying speed. Simplicity of drive design reduces maintenance cost and provides added reliability. Capacities range up to 1,000 tons per hour.

• Natural Frequency Feeders are energy efficient and designed to handle high capacities, while maintaining stroke under extreme headloads. Carrier’s two-mass subresonant drive systems utilize heavy duty coil springs, delivering a linear angle of attack along the full length of the pan, producing travel speeds up to 60 feet per minute.

• With a Natural Frequency Drive system that maintains its stroke under heavy and varying headloads, Carrier vibrating feeders provide robust operation in the most demanding conditions. The design also requires relatively low horsepower. Capacities to 3,000 tons per hour.

• Available in fixed or adjustable rate designs.

• Designed to accommodate heavy headloads.

• Supported from below or suspended from above on soft steel coil or rubber isolation springs to reduce dynamic reactions to surrounding structures.

• Easy installation, low maintenance, and minimum downtime.

Economical in initial cost and operation.

• For more information on Carrier feeders, refer to brochures


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