Mechanical and Automatic Sampler Design

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Heath & Sherwood have been suppliers of quality solutions to the mining industry since 1927. The company supplies a complete line of standard and custom-designed sampling devices applying the rules of sampling and the theory of Pierre Gy with practical sense.

The sampling product line can be applied for minerals, coal and other materials both solids and slurries. The devices can be used for feeding process control analyzers with slurries of varies streams in the process to do metallurgical accounting and inventory control. Recently, a new version of Bulk Product Sampler (BPS) has been introduced for extracting final product sample increments from containers such as rail cars, trucks or large containers.

Heath & Sherwood has partnered with many sampling consulants , including the ISI, in order to advise customers the most practical method of achieving representative sampling that remains reliable over time. It has been proven that when users practice good sampling they protect profits held within their process. For more information on our experience and product line, please visit our website.


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