Gypsum Board Plant In India

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Please find below our thread related to Gypsum Board in India which we have given in this forum .Now,it has been more then two years now. Due to not taking of the action of installing gypsum board plants, India now, importing Gypsum Boards from UAE,THAILAND and from China.About 0.5 million sq m of gypsum board is now being imported from UAE only.India being a source of natural,synthetic,marine and other type of gypsum not able to full fill the demand for Gypsum Board.As our our estimates there will be shortage of about 150 million sq m of gypsum board in India with in next 5 years.

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Gypsum Board Plant In India

In India, we have been using traditional raw materials/methods in construction of buildings for the last so many decades .These traditional building materials/ methods hold good when you are not constructing buildings in mass scales.

Comparing to European and Gulf countries India produces and uses only 5% of Gypsum Board in building contruction where in other countries this percentage is more then 25%.Due to rapid Infrastructure developments, India needs building materials like Gypsum Board in large quantities and there is a big gap in the supplies.That is why World's renowned cos. like Lafarge,Saint Goabin are going for major expansions by putting up New green field plant for gypsum board.

Now, India does not have good quality of Material for the same.

There are technologies where waste from fertilser plants can be used as a raw material for manufacturing gypsum board plants.

One of our clients who is in the business of producing Fertliser has more then 30 lacs of waste material which can be used as a raw material for Gypsum Board plant and also provide cont. supply for the same @ 1 lacs tonnes per annum.

We are looking for serious companies /investors who would like to go for Gypsum Board plant nearby the fertiliser plant site.Land for the same shall be provided at a very low price.

Location of this plant is very good. From here the client can export the finish material to Mumbai,Gujarat,Kolkatta,Chennai ,Bangladesh and Gulf countries by ship or by Barges.

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