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Gé Boeyink
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Posted in: , on 3. May. 2003 - 12:30

Boeyink Engineering is seeking a cooperation relative to sales management and/or business development in the solids industry.

In twenty five years Boeyink Engineering has developed an extensive knowledge and experience specifically in thermal processes. The last 8 years specific know how was gathered in the indirect heat transfer of free flowing solids.

Furthermore 21 years of specific knowhow is available in the calculation, applications and manufacturing of dimpled ( inflated ) type plate heat exchangers also known as Temp-Plate.

For example the european operation of Bulkflow Technologies Inc. ( a solids heating - and or cooling company ) was set up under the flag of Boeyink.

We are specifically interested in :

1. leading a direct - or representative sales group or

2. establishing such for a company that is seeking a business development in Europe.

Specific know how is available in Fertilizer, Polymers, Detergents, Sugar and chemicals such as sodiumpercarbonat, soda ash etc.

We may be contacted at or by phone on +31 543 531 885 for further details.

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