General Kinematics Feeders

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General Kinematics

Feeding and Activating Solutions

for precise metering of material

Since our inception, GK has been leading the industry in energy saving, high throughput feeding solutions. From our proven PARA-MOUNT II® feeders to the unmatched performance of our UN-COALER® activator / feeders, nothing outperforms General Kinematics feeding technology.

General Kinematics Feeding and Activation Equipment

• PARA-MOUNT II® Vibrating Feeders

• Direct-Drive Vibrating Feeders

• Totally Enclosed Feeders

• Grizzly Feeders

• Vibratory Rock Screens / Feeders

• UN-COALER® Activator Feeder

• VIBRA-FLOW Activator Feeder

• HULA-HOPPER Bin Activators

• Standard Bin Activators

• High-Performance Rail Car Shakeouts

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