Synthetic Iron Oxide dense phase conveyed to a mixer

Posted in: , on 26. Dec. 2007 - 20:36

I wish to know if anyone has experienced pnuematicaly conveying (Dense phase) fine powders in batches of 1.6kg to 12kg to a mixer.

Our application is to weigh oxide from a bulk bag / discharge to a transporter and pnuematically convey 25 metres including 7.5 metre vertical to a hopper with a reverse jet filter mounted above.

The hopper then discharges the batch of oxide powder to the mixer.

Our problem is on lower density oxide powders of approx 600kg bulk density, the powder dusts and the dust stays airborne givig us erractic batch weights into the mixer.

We are conveying at 3 to 3.8 bar pressure (0.3 to 0.38 Mpa) air pressure, conveying time is approx 40 seconds for a batch of 7.5kg.

In short how can we over come the dusting / airborne problem.


Re: Synthetic Iron Oxide Dense Phase Conveyed To A Mixer

Posted on 30. Dec. 2007 - 12:48

Consider conveying into a receiving vessel over the mixer which has a discharge valve and a telecopic type spout which can extend into the mixer -- all the way to the bottom.

Extend the spout and then crsack open the discharge valve.

Let the material fill the spout and slowly retract the spout, depositing the material as you raise the spout.

Retraction speed and keeping the material load on the pile is the key to success.