Re: Stone Aggregate Handeling

Posted on 26. Dec. 2007 - 03:31

Pneumatic conveying for this application may not be the most cost effective solution but a system can certainly be designed to do the job.

Your choice of suppliers may be limited and if you send me more of the details, I can try to help you locate a supplier or work with you directly to design the system.


Sand Aggregate Handling

Posted on 26. Dec. 2007 - 09:43

Thanks !

At a moment we are using wheel loaders and trucks to make 10.000 ton barge empty. Due to Jetty and barge construction there are safety factor that ramp is too deep angle for safe operation. We are planning to upgrade our barge capacity up to 25 -30.000 ton of various sand and Gabbro aggregates in near future. Our present system will not be anymore enough safe thus it's very slow.

Any ideas to make this system better will be considered !



Re: Stone Aggregate Handeling

Posted on 26. Dec. 2007 - 01:52

Good Day

A vacuum conveying system to offload the barge would be the way to go. As I mentioned in the original post, because of the large product size, the conveying system will need to be of the high velocity , dilute phase type. This will result in pipe sizes and vacuum pump sizes larger then you may anticipate - really depends on the rate you want to acheive.

There are alot of considerations such as how you want to suck the material from the barge? Do you want to use an articulating type arm to maneuver around the interior as the barge remains in a fixed location or take a less expensive equipment approach of a fixed nozzle location and move the barge as require?

The over-all time you would like to take unloading will also affect the equipment sizing. (Over-all time means from the time you first position the barge until the time you move the empty barge)

There will still be some manual efforts involved at the end to get final clean out of material as the product left "in the corners" wil need to be brought to where the nozzle can pick it up.


Stone Aggregate

Posted on 26. Dec. 2007 - 03:04

Sounds good !

This is our new project, starting hopefully on begining of next year, and I want to prepare things before we start it and planned well how we shall do it.

The ideal system would be with type of hydraulic arm so we could clean the barge completely.

Especially when offloading to Jetty, it shall be possible to drop aggregates on different places, depence of size of aggregate and where they been storage.

Can this vacuum system to build to the barge so it can load it, travel to new location and be offloaded by using same system, or would it better be on Jetty ?!

Any ideas of company's who may have this type of Vacuum conveyors !?

How about combination of Vacuum and Pneumatic system !?

How long distance this Vacuum system can be and estimate amount of energy spending.

Any other info !?



Re: Stone Aggregate Handeling

Posted on 26. Dec. 2007 - 03:25

It's possible to combine both loading and unloading operations with a single frame but it's get very specialized and you need to work with experienced suppliers.

Economic comparisons should be made first considering the logistics and number of destinations, etc.

Yes, Vac / Pressure systems are very common but to have that design mounted to the barge can get REAL complex.

Two firms which should be able to help you are:

If you need any independent engineering work or technical assistance in working with these two suppliers, I may be able to help you. The more complete and defined the inquiry and bid spec you send to them will influence how well they can reply to you with a meaningful offer.