Salt Pneumatic Conveying

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I have a magnesium(%98) warehouse. I want to take some security cautions for possible fire.

After some experiments i decided to use salt to extiguish magnesium fire.

I, also, decided to use 10 mtons silo for the storage of salt and pneumatic conveying to convey the salt from silo to magnezium fire. As was to be expected, we want to convey all salt as fast as can be.

Our warehouse' dimensions are 18X36 m.

Which type do you suggest to use? Dense or dilute?

Anyone experienced with salt?

Also i want to use crane platform like, Did you do any project like this?

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Posted on 31. Jan. 2008 - 05:15

Salt conveying is very common in food industry and depending on particle size salt can be conveyed in lean and dense phase. Depending on you requirement you have decide which system is better suited for you.


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Posted on 31. Jan. 2008 - 08:17

dear csevik,

Is it smart to extiguish a fire with a pneumatic conveying system, using AIR as a carrying medium ????

take care



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Posted on 1. Feb. 2008 - 07:12


I had some experiments to choose best extinguish systems and agent for magnesium fire. D type etinguisher was the worst one.

The best extinguisher we tried was salt.

I did not adjudicate the dense/dilute systems. Both of them costs high and i am searching cheaper and efficient.

You can observe the system i am thinking about, from the attached file.


1. All systems that handle salt must be stainless steel.

2. Because of the purpose; the output velocity must be 0 m/s or near 0.

3. Salt must waterless.

4. The vertical distance is min. 5 mt( because of wall) max. 10 mt. The horizantal distance is max 25 mt.




magnezyum deposu yangýn sondurme sistemiacad2000d (PDF)

Re: Salt Pneumatic Conveying

Posted on 1. Feb. 2008 - 07:15

Dear Teus.

We have pressurized air, nitrogen etc. But i think the best and chepest conveying fluid in pneumatic is air. We have 5 bar system air and 7 bar 20 m3 compressor ready to use at that plant.


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Posted on 1. Feb. 2008 - 12:26

Dear csvik,

An output velocity of 0 m/sec results in a mass rate of 0 kg/sec. Hardly enough to extinguish a fire.

Why don't you use small hoppers with salt over the magnesium.

Underneath the hopper you can install a simple salt thrower.

(Used in agriculture for spreading fertilizer)

In case of fire the throwers are switched on.

Best regards