Abrasion Wear Problem

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Dear Sir,

We are using Ceramic Lined MS Pipes of Dia 4" for pneumatic conveying a mix of Copper Concentrate & Silica( As Sio2) at pressure of 6 Kg/cm2.

The components in the conveying line i.e Bends, Distance pieces, Y-diverting pieces etc. are very wear prone due to abrasive nature of Silica.

We would like you to examine the case for providing a suitable ceramic liner having high wear resistance & prolonged life.


Liner thickness is 10 mm - 5 mm Cement mortar between Ceramic Lining & Pipe/ Housing body)

Liner Type - Alumina ceramic ( 92 % )

Pipe MOC - SS 400

Length of the Pipe - There are many such components of pipe with 4 " ID on finished Ceramic Liner viz. Y- Piece, Distance Piece , Flexible Rubber Hose - 1200 mm long with ceramic Lining.

It's preferable to have the fabrication of shell/ housing & Ceramic liner at your place ,complete in all respects & sent to us.

Awaiting your reply urgently.

Erosive Wear By Abrasive Materials

Posted on 21. Oct. 2007 - 08:17

I would suggest that you get in touch with Dr V K Agarwal at the ITMMEC (Industrial Tribology Centre) at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi. Dr Agarwal is probably the leading authority on the problems of erosive wear of pneumatic conveying system pipelines in India.

David Mills

Alumina Ceramics, Zirconia Ceramics & Zta

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Wear resistant ceramic lining – Alumina, zirconia & ZTA

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