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Posted on 11. Jan. 2003 - 01:44


we have a purpose built rig for shot peening bends and pipes for internal treatment for eliminating angel hairs in PP/PE pellets dilute phase conveying.

We can shot peen any length and quantity for you.

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Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA
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Shot Peening

Posted on 16. Jan. 2003 - 03:01

Treating (roughening) the inside surface of the conveying pipe in dilute-phase conveying systems is effective reducing streamers or angel hair. One should be aware that the amount of fines generated will not decrease and, in fact, may increase.

Of the various pipe treatment methods that are available experience has shown shot peening to be the most cost effective. The shot peening process is directional in that conveying should be in the same direction as the shot when the pipe is treated. Ask the shot peening supplier to provide flow arrows on the pipe.

Treated conveying pipe will eventually become smooth again and will require retreating. The effective life between retreatments is dependent on the conveying conditions and the product conveyed but one can expect three years for aluminum pipe and up to five years for stainless steel pipe.

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Dennis Hauch

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Re: About Shoot Peening

Posted on 17. Jan. 2003 - 12:37

Hi,Dennis Hauch

Thank you very much!

I'm a chemical process&equipment engineer . I agree your judgment that shot-peening conveying pipe ,in fact, may increase fines generation. But MAC's flo-line product (shot peening pipe) can synchronously eliminate fines and angel hair. Do you believe it? Please give me more informations about shot peening pipes.

Can you give me a list of some manufacture's information?

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