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Magnet Applications Adds General Manager for Pennsylvania Facility

Newton, KS, USA – Magnet Applications, a subsidiary of Bunting® Magnetics Company, is pleased to announce the addition of Pete Lipetzky, PhD as the new General Manager for our DuBois, Pennsylvania facility. Lipetzky will oversee the total manufacturing and sales operations for the DuBois plant and will report to Robert J. Bunting, the owner and Chief Executive Officer for Bunting®.

“Pete brings an incredible mix of technical expertise and operational experience to this role,” Bunting said. “That is critical at Magnet Applications because of the complex designs that we get involved in with our customers. The highly technical magnets we create using our compression bonding and injection moulding capabilities demand knowledge and precision. Pete will bring that mindset to this role.”

Dr. Lipetzky has a deep background within the industrial and educational sectors for metallurgy and other material science-based applications. He holds an impressive range of academic degrees which includes a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Materials Science and Engineering/Applied Physics from Brown University. He also holds Master of Science degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, also from Brown University. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Katz Business Program at the University of Pittsburgh.

Previously, Dr. Lipetzky served as a Professor of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, Rensselear Polytechnic Institute and the Technical University of Vienna. Prior to joining Magnet Applications, he served as the Director of Technology and Interim General Manager for ATI Powder Metals located in Pittsburgh, PA.

“Magnet Applications is able to offer our customers many different types of products and solutions” stated Dr. Lipetzky. “Our magnets and related products are custom built for applications in industries ranging from defense, energy, automotive, telecommunications, and medical to basic manufacturing... more than people realize. Life as we see it today would change drastically without magnets.”

Magnet Applications™ is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of bonded magnets and assemblies. Magnet Applications has manufacturing plants at Dubois, PA in the United States of America and Berkhamsted in the United Kingdom. Magnet Applications has been supplying industry throughout the world for over 40 years with our expertise covering the complete range of permanent magnet materials. Bunting® is a major U.S.-based manufacturer of magnetic assemblies and equipment. The company’s product line serves global markets and includes a broad range of magnetic materials and components, magnetic separation systems, material handling equipment, magnetic printing cylinders, flexible dies and metal detection equipment.

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