Malvern Instruments holds Internet Press Conference

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Posted in: , on 12. Sep. 2002 - 22:30

Malvern Instruments would like to invite you to a press conference

with a difference - a 15-minute presentation at Malvern's headquarters

in Malvern, UK, but you will not have to leave your desk to attend.

To mark the launch of Malvern's e-Learning initiative, we are hosting

a press conference to demonstrate the tools that are now available on

our website. To attend, all you need is a PC, an internet connection

and a phone.

The press conference will be happening live. Just like a conventional

press conference, you will be able to see the presentation as it

happens and listen to the speaker on the phone. You will also be able

to raise your hand and ask questions.

Date: 18 September 2002

Time: 15:00 UK time; 16:00 European time; 10:00 US East Coast time

Location: Your desk

We hope you will be able to join us. To register, simply go to:

Best regards

Randy Byrne

VP - Marketing


Malvern Instruments is a leading provider of in-process and

laboratory-based particle characterization systems. Malvern's products

are used in many industries worldwide including the pharmaceuticals,

chemicals, cement, construction, food, brewing and many other sectors.

Malvern is also an exhibitor at POWTECH 2002 in Nuremberg, Germany,


For more information please visit eDirectory listing.

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