Side Wall Feeder Belts

Posted in: , on 10. Jun. 2007 - 15:46

We are in the process of negotiation for feeder systems of 2000mm width with Side walls of 120mm height. The c/c distance of the system if 6m, horizontal, running on flat idlers.

Please advise if in this sytem, the belt required would be of standard type or cross stiffened type. Please also give specific reasoning for a particular selection

Re: Side Wall Feeder Belts

Posted on 11. Jun. 2007 - 09:02

Ask the suppliers who are quoting you for the feeders to justify the belt construction they are offering.

Re: Side Wall Feeder Belts

Posted on 18. Jun. 2007 - 05:20

Depending on the hopper design, I believe the use of a sidewall belt is inappropriate if that is what you mean.

Maybe you meant feeder shear opening to be 120mm. In such a case, the product would have to be no greater than 25mm.

This design does not make sense. Why would you design a feeder with a 2000mm belt and 120 mm opening. Normally, the opening is closer to square or height to be about 2/3 of width but no less than 5 times max. lump size.

Give more details on the product, its tonnage and size distribution.

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