Full automatic valve bag filler

Mah Machine
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Posted in: , on 6. Dec. 2007 - 16:11

Please provide your offers for the following enquiry :

Project : A complete packing line for bagging wheat starch in 25kg PE bags

Product : Wheat Starch - fine powder

Wight of bags : 25kg PE bags

Bagging capacity : 25 Ton / hour

- Associated conveyors

- Pallet Magazine & Pallet Dispenser

- Robotic Palletizer

- Pallet Packaging Machine

For further details , please contact me at jamshidi@mah-machine.com.

Re: Full Automatic Valve Bag Filler

Posted on 13. Jan. 2008 - 08:40

Ms Jamshidi,

Please advise if the project is still on. We will require the plant layout and infeed interface. We can assit with this enquiry as well.